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King of Thieves: The Board Game

KoT finalAlright, This has been a long time in coming but one of my passions is about to become reality. I have a collection of board games that is pretty deep (I will just say more than 100 in my collection now) and while I came into the boardgame hobby a little later than I had computer gaming or roleplaying I have found that I really, really love boardgames most of all.

This endeavor will be a return to the gaming business for me and will not be the first of those projects but is the most significant personally as I have worked a long time to see this game come along to where it is today.

Before I drop this tiny teaser I am going to let you know about some other projects. First- I am one of the authors in “The Awakened” anthology by Dark Quest Publishing, created by Hal Greenberg. The paperback is due out but there is also a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign for it (go buy this cool book. I have read the stories and they are outstanding). It can be found at:

Second, We are have some super secret launches forthcoming. At least one of these before King of Thieves. I will post the two that are “coming soon” well….soon. Hint for those who remember our old Mystic Eye Games line up: FOM & H:ROE (Can you guess what those are?)

Now, here is my first little teaser for King of Thieves but expect a the making of blog series to come along soon and be ongoing until launch. I hope you love the theme and mechanics that have been crafted for this game. Here be the LOGO! IT has been designed by none other than the outstanding: (WARNING: His art page has some adult themes but he is truly amazing).

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